Getting up, loading up bikes and going biking even in slight rain this is how proper Monday should look like. I remember trees being all green last week when we left for Vancouver but now,  we are back and they are already turning yellow and red. I know I’m repetitive but fall riding is kind of nice.

We are heading over to Blanket Mountain to check out Rolling Stones & Baby Blanket trails. They are short but fun to ride. As a bonus you get great views on the Columbia River and the valley itself.

It got quite warm when we reached the trailhead. Jára’s overseeing Kamil’s pumping skills. Gotta have the right tire pressure. Trails were little bit drier than last time but still slippery. It’s not like Squamish where the rocks are sticky even when wet but here in Revelstoke it’s like skating rink.

Trails on Blanket Mountain are just gorgeous. It rained all night and when we got here this morning everything was lush green, trails were loamy apart from the rock slabs. This is were Jára decided to shoot some photos—at the sketchiest place on this trail.

Sasquatch disguise

We have spent all morning riding these two trails. When the rain started to pick up we decided to call it a day and go for a swim and hot tub instead.

It is Tuesday and the weather is looking kinda nice after two days of rain. We are all sitting in the kitchen eating breakfast while trying to come up with a plan. We had Martha Creek trail on our list since the beginning and it’s quite nice so that means we are doing it? Yes, it does! There might be some snow but we gonna try it anyway.

Malco (the guy tying up the bikes) is always up for a ride. He’s an awesome guy who helped us solve our logistic trouble with his huge truck which we are eternally thankful for.

Everyone hopped in and off we go. It was still nice and warm at the bottom but when we started to climb the FSR the temperature started to drop and snow begun to appear. Is it a good or a bad sign? How much is gonna be up there? Is it gonna be rideable? We shall see.

It usually takes about 30 to 40 minutes to get all the way up but I think Malčo broke the record. I’ve never been up the summit that fast. Anyway there fair amount of snow for September. I’d say about 10 cm of snow and since we are already up here we gonna try to ride it down.

Bike shoes aren’t that waterproof when you walking in 10 cm of fresh snow. Let’s drop in and hope the snow will disappear soon.

After first couple kilometres the snow was almost gone and the trail got so much better. I always forget how awesome this trail is. It should serve as a template for other trails. Sometimes I wish if I could just put it my pocket and when I feel unhappy just take it out and ride it.

One word—it’s epic!

As you all already know everything good must eventually come to an end. It sucks sometimes, but you have keep doing what you love and do it with awesome people around you. That way you can always have a time of your life.

It has been a blast! Good riding, laughs and overall great time spend riding bikes and doing what we like to do. Thanks Jára to making Kamil and Jana come over to Canada. It was such a pleasure to spend time with you guys. Thanks Malčo for saving the day with shuttling us to Martha Creek. Thanks Vojta and Helenka for letting us stay in Vancouver and also Osel, Mara & Vanda to crash at their house in Whistler, much appreciated. Thanks Hanes for telling us jokes.

Thank you all for great memories!