At the beginning I wanted this to be my journal just for me and my friends to remember more. But I guess it had grown a little and there’s more people following my yapping and amateur photography skills thanks to Google Analytics which is pain in the ass to install but I made it work. Anyhow, I do appreciate your dedication to come here every week. Thank you everybody!

This week was fairly uninteresting and I don’t really have anything to fill up the log with. It’s kinda sad but on the other hand I am trying to figure out my life which isn’t easy. I went to couple birthday parties which were super awesome but I am not gonna share that.

I bet every one of you had a day at home when you are just looking online for jobs and procrastinating by watching YouTube videos. Finally you’ve found some and the top bar of your browser is filled with tabs. 80% of the tabs are jobs you don’t really wanna do but you’re gonna try anyway. The other 20% are jobs that might be really good and you hope you are good enough for them. When you open your resumé the struggle gets real and I am not even talking about writing a cover letter. It takes hours to edit that freaking piece of paper (with help of others, thank you). After watching YouTube and one anxiety attack you got it done. It feels good and you think the job is yours. You’ve sent out all resumés which you had to edit separately each of every one of them and now you are just waiting for denying emails to start all over again. I’m just kidding life’s not that hard but practice makes perfect, right?! After couple tries you’ll get some momentum and a job or whatever your heart desires.

I wouldn’t leave you without anything to look at. I decided to fill the log with gifs I have made in Canada. It may take a bit to load so be patient.

Morning drive to the ski hill in Revelstoke
Bonfires, friends and beer
Sun flares while sitting on the lift chair
Working late fun
Snow falling form the sky
Eating delicious cake
Fun hikes, wet socks
Fun hikes, dry socks
Grinding coffee
More bonfires
Waiting for 200 wagon trains to pass
High fives
Hidden gems
Turning off lights with one blink
Playing with toys
And jumping some more
Bonfires, again
Boat sunsets
Being drunk
Dandelions time
Riding bikes
Riding bikes a lot
Lot of punctures
Learing how to golf
Throwing stuff off cliffs
Pan flips

I hope it didn’t take a long time to load the gifs and you enjoyed them. Have a great week, be positive and I will talk to you next Monday!